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Wild Nature

Dark, violent action thriller. The Hunger Games meets The Running Man with animal masks.

Swan was the greatest of all time, but now he’s quitting the deathsport that made him famous. Problem is, the deathsport isn’t ready to quit him. The only person that thinks he can change is a woman who thinks Swan murdered her brother.

Complex emotions, violent action, and a big question: what’s your Wild Nature?

Also available in print :
Volume 1
Volume 2

The Grave

Neo-noir romantic revenge thriller, where No Country for Old Men meets True Romance.

A ‘56 Buick Coupe, a case full of cash, a custom Colt 1911 and a dead body.  That’s what he found at a lonely desert motel and he nearly got killed for it.

Now he wants revenge. Can the woman he loves save him from himself, even as they face up to the unintended consequences of everything he’s set in motion?


Serial killer crime thriller about dealing with the past. Se7en meets True Detective.

After catching a terrible serial killer ten years ago, James Macleod retired as a detective, even though he always believed there were many more victims than anyone knew.

The FBI gives him a chance to finally answer that question, but the truth is as brutal and unsparing as the killer he once hunted.

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David Taylor is a Scottish indie comics creator/artist and writer, making exciting action and genre comics with big emotions and strong characters. Follow him on social media.